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Hello, I’m Rogan and I’m back already in just two days? What’s happening? Obviously as you could see from the title, this is a BookTube post. The reason why I’m back in two days is because today is the 30th, I decided I want to try to do a once-a-month sum up of what I’ve read. The last post/video was on July 30th, so… One month. And this time, I’ve actually read several books!

Image result for hidden figures bookFirst up at bat: Hidden Figures. You already saw this in my previous post/video. I was still in the process of reading it. You should read it. No question. Read it. It’s really good. It’s kind of chronological, from when women and people of color started getting involved with NASA, being what they called the computers, engineers, etc. It follows a few different people who were involved. The story–it’s good. Read. Yes, I still haven’t watched the movie. I plan to…eventually.

Image result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar children bookSecond book! Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I did not realize that this was the first in a series, guess I’ll have to find the rest! It’s good. I haven’t seen the movie either. What I really liked about this book is that it takes a lot of concepts that are kind of old concepts, but add a twist to it. You know the freakshows way back then in circuses and the such? They would have a bearded woman, a strongman, that kind of thing. This book kind of has a connection to that. Those people (in the context of this book) and the people in this book are called peculiars or peculiar people. I really like this because it takes old pictures that are actual pictures but adds a twist, a story to include actual people. I thought that was really cool, including a little bit of history in the story. It has time travel (in a way) and… Yeah it’s really good. If you haven’t read it, read it.

Image result for wicked/son of a witch (barnes & noble leatherbound classics)Next is technically two books in one – Wicked/Son of a Witch. Way back when I ordered Hidden Figures, I also ordered this book. This is from Barnes & Noble’s Collectible Editions series. Fancy! It has a green ribbon marker and gilded pages. I thought the concept was interesting, but… A lot of holes, a lot of questions. The writing style is not exactly “normal.” I’m unsure whether I like it or not. I definitely like the concept, changing how she became the Wicked Witch of the West, her family, and the story about that. I like that concept, but the writing… I’m a little ehh about the writing. I’ve read several things online that said that the stage play was a lot better than the book. So, that’s interesting! If you like the Wizard of Oz, or you like twists on classic stories (or both) like Wicked is, yeah I’d say go ahead and read this. But I wouldn’t say it’s a must-read.

Image result for the riddle of genderThe next book, I… I’m really conflicted about this book: The Riddle of Gender. One thing you have to keep in mind is that this was published in 2005. So… There is some problematic language in it. It will often use the word transsexual. I want to be clear here, it will use that word if the person themselves identifies as transsexual. Which is fine, if a person identifies as transsexual, that’s what you use. But what I have a problem with is that it often will refer to this particular group as “transsexuals, transgender and intersex people.” I think it’s great that they have both terms – transgender and intersex – because they are different things. But also using transsexual to talk about the group as a whole, I’m not so sure about that. Another reason why I feel really conflicted about this book is because it was written by a white cis woman. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but… The author herself clearly states she started writing this book because a friend of hers came out as trans. That made her go, “Oh, I want to understand this.” So she went on a journey, learning about gender and whatever. I think that’s great and all, but…mmm, I don’t know. She does include interviews with trans people and people who are heavily involved in the trans community though, so that’s good. This book is also heavy on the science, so I’m not sure how I feel about that. Let’s say this: It’s not awful. But… It’s not great either. I don’t know if I would recommend this to anyone. I would definitely not recommend it to someone who’s new to the queer community. It’s not the kind of book you want to read if you’re new to the community. Let’s move on.

Image result for a visual guide to drinkNext book is much more fun! A Visual Guide to Drink. This is an amazing book. This has different graphics, visuals of how drink evolved or how it’s made, the history, all of that. A few examples of pages are: the varieties of beer and styles and how they’re connected. The process of making red wine. Different maps throughout the book showing regions where the beer/wine/spirits come from.

Image result for a visual guide to drink
Example of some pages

The evolution of wine storage. Pages of cocktails that you can make with that specific kind of alcohol. They will list mixers, garnishes, alcohols, wine, all of that stuff. They even include amounts so you can make it yourself if you want. Pretty cool! There’s a lot of different fun stuff like that in here. It’s really good. It’s not at all a comprehensive history, it’s more of an overview of how things are made, how the history happened, how it evolved to what it is now. The point is, it’s a fun, informative book about different kinds of alcohol.

Image result for a guide to genderNext book! Remember I felt really conflicted about The Riddle of Gender? This book, I do not feel conflicted about: A Guide to Gender – The Social Justice Advocate’s Handbook. This book is really good for beginners, people who are new to the queer community, or are still learning about the community. The author himself says this is NOT a textbook. But a lot of universities and professors have used this as a textbook. (Mainly in Gender Studies classes.) Which is fine, he’s okay with that. It’s “uncopyrighted” so you can actually download a free copy from his website or get a cheap e-book ( So that’s cool. I do have to warn you, this book is very… Light, funny, lalala. He has A LOT of pop culture references in it, a lot of jokes, etc. Sometimes it’s a little annoying, but that’s his way of teaching people. Making it so that people are more able to connect to and learn from it, and not feel like they’re being preached at. Also, just be aware that the author is a white cis man. But it’s written really well. He had a lot of peer editors. He had a lot of different people look at it, say yes it’s good, and give it the okay. So it’s not like he wrote whatever and said this is what I think, here you go. No. He had a lot of people checking him. One thing that bothers me though. He had about 12 editors (?). I STILL found 5, 6 typos in it. Some were typos, some were grammatical errors. 12 editors? And none of them caught those? They were really basic errors! Anyway. Simple, basic errors bother me, especially when this is the second edition, not the first one! If it was the first edition, I understand that. But second edition? Come on! Come on. It even has this on the cover in the upper right corner which says: Now with a new foreword by the author, brand new chapters, fixed typos, and more gender! You did not fix all of them!

Image result for coming out an anthology of international gay and lesbian writingsImage result for calumet city bookThat aside, those are the books I’ve finished reading in the past month. I am currently reading two books: Calumet City and Coming Out: An Anthology of International Gay and Lesbian Writings. I won’t expand too much about them but Calumet City is basically a cop noir, even the blurb on the book says so. Coming Out is interesting so far. It does bother me a little bit that it says gay and lesbian writings because what about all of the other people in this community? But I want to finish reading it and see what the writings are before judging.

This post is getting a little long so I’m going to end here. I hope you found some books that you’re interested in reading. Let me know if there’s any books you want me to read and mention here in the comments of the video. Hopefully I succeed in doing another BookTube video within a month! We’ll see. Remember next month is Deaf Awareness Month, so keep an eye out for deaf topics!

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Augcollab Wrap Up


I’ve decided to go ahead and wrap up Augcollab because of several reasons. First before we continue, I want to say thank you to all of the people who made a video or contacted me about making a video. I apologize if you did contact me and I didn’t reply or follow-up. If I didn’t reply/follow-up, go ahead and contact me again.

One of the reasons why I wanted to wrap up Augcollab is because it’s soon the end of August obviously. And honestly… I miss making videos semi-regularly. So there is that! Of course, I still want to do collabs throughout the year, not only during August. Those people who already contacted me, and I’ve talked with about what we’d do for a collab–I’ve already contacted them and let them know that I’m going ahead and putting Augcollab on hold, postponing until it works better for both of us. So I will definitely still do collabs, just not necessarily during August. Lesson learned: next time I want to do something like this, plan way in advance. Don’t wait until a month before to reach out. Do it waaaaay before. But! Putting that aside, thank you to everyone who watched and commented on the videos this month. I’m excited for some of the collabs that I’ve discussed with people about! They will come…eventually.

Next month is Deaf Awareness Month, so I will be doing videos about deaf topics. I most likely will also be doing regular videos. For this month, I do have a list of topics already. I have enough but if there is a topic that you really, really want to see me discuss, comment below. And I will think about it, or maybe it will already be something I want to talk about, so that might be a fit. We’ll see! What I have in my head for a schedule (what is this?) is roughly twice a week. One video about regular stuff, whatever I want. The second video about deaf awareness. (Those videos will be labeled as such.) Whether videos twice weekly will happen or not remains to be seen. (Note: If you want to see last year’s playlist, go here.)

One more thing! I’m sure some of you have already seen this because this surprisingly blew up in the deaf community. Several of my friends tagged me, contacted me, and said they saw this video. About a month ago, I went to Seattle to do a video interview with Cut. They’re kind of like Buzzfeed but much better quality. Cut doesn’t do news or such. It’s more of people’s stories, that kind of thing. They wanted to do a series that’s called “Deaf People Teach.” So I went and did an interview for that. When they posted the first video, my reaction was this: OF COURSE. The first video they decided to edit and upload was about curse words. Surprise! Not. So… If you want to see Deaf people teach you curse words, video here. BUT! Understand that if you come up to me in person, contact me online, or whatever, and ask me to teach you more curse words, not happening. Because… I did mention it in the interview, but it wasn’t included in the final cut of this video. I personally don’t believe in teaching curse words first. It’s my language. I’m not going to teach you only the bad words in my language if you’re not going to learn anything else. If you are actually motivated, and learn some of my language then want to learn the bad words, that’s fine! But I’m not going to teach you ONLY the bad words. I’m not–no. No.

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(It’s been a while since I did my outro, I almost forgot how to say it heh.)

Three Years of Videos


I know I haven’t posted any videos yet, but they’re coming, I promise. They’re coming.

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome back! What do you think about the new intro (in the video)? The reason why I made that and the reason why I’m making a video today: I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve been making videos for three years. I’ve been on YouTube longer than that, absolutely. But I’ve actually been making videos for three years. Three years ago, I didn’t think I would be where I am today. My channel has changed a lot since obviously. If you go back to the beginning of my channel, it’s pretty much all vlogs. All casual, what I do in my life. Casual sit-down chats and things like that. But now, it’s completely different. Now, I do more educational videos, more actual research, more thought-about videos. Not just throwing together something. I still do that sometimes obviously, like the recent one – Olympic Adventures. But that’s not my primary type of video now. My aim, purpose for this channel has changed for sure. However, I am happy where I am now. Though I still want to change! I’m still not finished changing. I probably never will be. What I do now is kind of still following my original purpose, but not the way I was doing before. It’s been three years and I’m now almost at 2,000 subscribers. I didn’t expect to grow fast, no. But I did grow a lot faster once I started doing more of what I do now. So that’s exciting! I’m excited to see where I go from here.

Last year and two years ago, I did a summary of the year in one video. But this year, I decided no, I’m not going to do that because one, it’s a lot of work. And two, I wanted to do more of a reflection, “wow I didn’t expect to be here.” Three years ago, I didn’t picture what it would be now. Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting anything. This is way more than what I expected! But like I said, I’m happy with where I am now, and I’ve met so many great people (online). Became friends with some of them, even. I’ve become much more involved with the YouTube community, really. And Twitter! I use it WAY more now than I did three years ago. Three years ago, I barely even used it. But now, I actually often tweet something.

It’s really interesting to see how my channel has changed so much. You can almost see phases. The first year was all vlogs, very casual stuff. That was my last year of university. So I was a little more “I’m going to be casual, I’m not going to follow a schedule, I’m not going to try to do anything too fancy.” The second year, I was in Europe. So I didn’t really have much time for making videos. But when I did, it was still mostly vlogs, casual stuff, travel, whatever. Now in the past year, I’ve had a lot more time on my hands. (That’s not necessarily a good thing… Because I don’t have a job so there’s that.) I have more time on my hands to actually think about what I want to do with this channel and actually do it! (So that’s the positive side of no job, heh.)

I really appreciate every single one of you, whether you’ve been watching since I started or if you’re new. Thanks for watching. I look forward to seeing where we go from here, and for however many years. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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