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Inspiration Pørn | Deaf Awareness Month

Video: https://youtu.be/wesJHH6NRAQ

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome to the last video of Deaf Awareness Month. Today, I want to discuss something that is a big problem everywhere. Today, I want to talk about inspiration porn. A lot of people in the disability community know what this means. This term was coined in 2012 by Stella Young, a disabled activist.

What does inspiration porn mean? Being inspired by disabled people just by the fact that they exist. Why is this is a problem? It objectifies disabled people and looks at them as something to be inspired by, when they’re not doing anything except living their daily lives. I will link the TEDTalk by Stella Young, she explains why she coined that word, and how she feels about it. Also, a few other videos about inspiration porn (here and here). Now, this is not saying you can’t be inspired by disabled people who are doing activist work, doing great things in the world, for their work. But this is saying that you should not be inspired by a disabled person who is just living their everyday life. Stella coined this word because of two experiences, several experiences really, but two main ones she mentions.

The first one: she went to a school and was giving a presentation about law. And one student asked, “So when will you start your inspirational speech?” What are you talking about? “You know, disabled people in wheelchairs usually come here and give inspirational speeches. It’s usually in the big room.” Ah. That kid had never seen a disabled person as anything other than as an object of inspiration. That’s a problem.

Second: when she was fifteen, a woman wanted to nominate her for a community achievement award. And her parents responded, “That’s great, but she hasn’t actually done anything.” The woman wanted to nominate her because, wow, a wheelchair, she still gets up every day and goes live her life, blah blah. No. If she had actually done some big contribution to the community, like, I don’t know, host a food drive or donated something, then great! That’s fine. But… It’s kind of creepy when you think about it.

It happens with deaf people too. People will be, “Oh, wow, you’ve really persevered through life, blah blah.” Like. I’m just living my life. You know, people look at me and be inspired that I get along even without hearing. You need to understand this. Many of us grew up being deaf. This is what we know. We know being deaf. But that’s not anything to be inspired by. Yeah sure, we have to figure out ways around it, but that’s not something to be inspired by.

I don’t think I can really say anything in addition to Stella’s TEDTalk so I will let you watch that and end here today. Short, I know. But… I just wanted to mention this if you didn’t know about this. So I guess that’s the end of Deaf Awareness Month. I have a theme for next month too. I will do the same thing as this month, some videos will be connected to that theme. Some videos will be whatever I feel like.

The theme for next month is… LGBTQ+ History Month! I will be making various videos. I already have a list of things that I want to make videos about. However, if you know of any specific event/person/whatever in LGBTQ+ history that you want to see me talk about, let me know. Leave it in the comments below.

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Three Years of Videos

Video: https://youtu.be/Pg60Lr8CCTY

I know I haven’t posted any videos yet, but they’re coming, I promise. They’re coming.

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome back! What do you think about the new intro (in the video)? The reason why I made that and the reason why I’m making a video today: I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve been making videos for three years. I’ve been on YouTube longer than that, absolutely. But I’ve actually been making videos for three years. Three years ago, I didn’t think I would be where I am today. My channel has changed a lot since obviously. If you go back to the beginning of my channel, it’s pretty much all vlogs. All casual, what I do in my life. Casual sit-down chats and things like that. But now, it’s completely different. Now, I do more educational videos, more actual research, more thought-about videos. Not just throwing together something. I still do that sometimes obviously, like the recent one – Olympic Adventures. But that’s not my primary type of video now. My aim, purpose for this channel has changed for sure. However, I am happy where I am now. Though I still want to change! I’m still not finished changing. I probably never will be. What I do now is kind of still following my original purpose, but not the way I was doing before. It’s been three years and I’m now almost at 2,000 subscribers. I didn’t expect to grow fast, no. But I did grow a lot faster once I started doing more of what I do now. So that’s exciting! I’m excited to see where I go from here.

Last year and two years ago, I did a summary of the year in one video. But this year, I decided no, I’m not going to do that because one, it’s a lot of work. And two, I wanted to do more of a reflection, “wow I didn’t expect to be here.” Three years ago, I didn’t picture what it would be now. Honestly, I wasn’t really expecting anything. This is way more than what I expected! But like I said, I’m happy with where I am now, and I’ve met so many great people (online). Became friends with some of them, even. I’ve become much more involved with the YouTube community, really. And Twitter! I use it WAY more now than I did three years ago. Three years ago, I barely even used it. But now, I actually often tweet something.

It’s really interesting to see how my channel has changed so much. You can almost see phases. The first year was all vlogs, very casual stuff. That was my last year of university. So I was a little more “I’m going to be casual, I’m not going to follow a schedule, I’m not going to try to do anything too fancy.” The second year, I was in Europe. So I didn’t really have much time for making videos. But when I did, it was still mostly vlogs, casual stuff, travel, whatever. Now in the past year, I’ve had a lot more time on my hands. (That’s not necessarily a good thing… Because I don’t have a job so there’s that.) I have more time on my hands to actually think about what I want to do with this channel and actually do it! (So that’s the positive side of no job, heh.)

I really appreciate every single one of you, whether you’ve been watching since I started or if you’re new. Thanks for watching. I look forward to seeing where we go from here, and for however many years. Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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VEDIM and Privacy

Video: https://youtu.be/ljjD0BXKO4g

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome. Today’s a really short post, because I just wanted to tell you something. I’m not sure if I will have another video up before May starts, but! I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided I will go ahead and do Vlog Every Day In May, or VEDIM for short. So that will be an interesting challenge for me. I will try my best to actually make a video every day, maybe not make, but at least upload a video every day.  I probably will pre-record several of them, just so I can have stuff ready to upload. (In addition to recording and editing, I have to do captions as well, so that takes a little extra time.) I already have a list of ideas for the days, like holidays or special days that I found from a website. So that’s good, but there are some I’m not sure if I really want to do. The videos will probably be short, like a max of two, three minutes. Maybe? I don’t know. That’s why I’m pre-recording! If there’s any videos you want to see me make during that month, let me know. I need ideas too. I’m not sure if I will do any of my regular videos for that month, like ASL Ponderings, or books, or whatever. I probably will, but we’ll see. Bringing it back to the beginning — this is why I’m not sure if I will have another video up before May starts. Because I do want to make a book video, but I want to finish a couple of books before I make the video. Cause I’m almost done with them– I say soon, I don’t know. What does “soon” mean, I don’t know. So. There is a possibility of having a book video up before May, but also a possibility of not.

I think maybe I’ll go ahead and take this opportunity to say something that’s been bothering me for a while. As a YouTuber, I put myself out there. You get to know me, but I don’t really get to know you. (Unless you comment on my videos, but that’s not for here.) You know me a little better than I know you, for sure. I understand you wanting to become friends, but I’m not going to add you to my personal Facebook. It’s personal for a reason. If you really want to contact me, you can through Twitter, Instagram, I even have a Facebook page. So you can message me through that. But my personal Facebook is off-limits. My personal Facebook is for only me, my friends, my family. Yes, I do add some YouTubers. That’s only because we’ve had a conversation, gotten to know each other some. Rikki Poynter has a video about this, talking about how it’s a little weird, YouTubers and friends. It’s really important that you know this. I’m not going to add just anyone. I don’t do that. Sometimes I will be fine with adding someone if we’ve had a conversation, or if I know that person and we have a lot of mutual friends. Like, we will actually talk. But if you add me just to be friends on Facebook, it just doesn’t work that way. So watch Rikki’s video, and respect my small bit of privacy (that I have left, ha). I will really appreciate it.

I guess that’s all for today. Fairly short post but I just wanted to update a little. I also want to mention that I am actually a little more active on Twitter now so… I know I’ve been saying that I have Twitter, but I don’t really use it. Well, now I am starting to be on there more often and talking with people. So if you want to talk with me, Twitter is the best. On YouTube, I do look at it if I get comments on my videos, but I don’t necessarily reply on there. If it’s Twitter, I will reply for sure (most likely). So go ahead and follow me on Twitter, Facebook (the page, not personal!), YouTube, Instagram. There’s also Patreon and ko-fi. Thanks for reading, see you next time!