Gender Neutral & Inclusive Signs | Queer ASL Ponderings

New video of queer signs! (We badly need to develop more queer signs!) There won’t be a blog post since this is all about the signs.


LGBTQIA+ BookTube Tag


Book-related, but not necessarily about books?

Hello, and welcome to the LGBTQIA+ BookTube Tag. I was tagged in this by Kathy Trithardt. I will link her video down below. She tagged me while doing her Bookmas videos. I told her I’d hold it and do it in the new year, and here you go. I also wanted to add that from now on, depending on the situation, I will generally try to limit myself to one book video a week. Because I have plenty of other topics I want to make videos about, and I don’t want books to take over this channel because there’s plenty I want to do. This may be short, because it’s just six questions, so let’s get into it.

1. How do you identify? Queer, bi, pan. I’m fine with any of those. I also suspect I’m demiromantic. As for gender, I’m somewhat questioning at the moment.

2. What are some of your favorite LGBTQIA+ books and authors? For books, a recent favorite is Ramona Blue. I haven’t read that many queer books. Partly because I don’t seek out queer books. I do want to read much more this year. For authors, I don’t really know. I don’t necessarily pay attention to the identity of the author. Yes, sometimes I will see, “Oh, a trans person wrote this book specifically about the trans experience.” Or an intersex person wrote about their intersex experience. Yeah, of course, that I will know. But if it’s like a fiction story, like Ramona Blue, I won’t necessarily pay attention to, “Oh, does the author have that experience?” I just read the book. If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s not, it’s not.

3. How often do you discuss LGBTQIA+ books on your channel? And what videos of yours would you recommend people start with, if they’re looking for LGBTQIA+ content? If the book I’m reading has queer content, or was written by someone who’s queer, I will mention it, yes. But like I said earlier, it’s not something that I make a point of doing. By videos of mine, is the question about books, or just in general? For book-related, I’d say start with one of my wrap-ups that had a lot of queer books in it. I will link it in the card and below. For queer videos, I’d say start with “Why I Prefer Queer” or “Queer Signs.” I will link both below.

4. Who are your favorite LGBTQIA+ booktubers? I don’t watch much BookTube at the moment, because many aren’t captioned. And I haven’t taken the time to explore those that have captions yet. But one that I do watch regularly is the person who tagged me for this, Kathy. I get a lot of book recommendations from her, so… Go check her out. Also, the Princess and the Scrivener. They’re not BookTubers, but they will occasionally talk about books.

5. When was the first time you encountered a LGBTQIA+ character in fiction? I have no idea. I read a lot growing up. I still read a lot, so… I probably read something when I was younger, but didn’t realize there was something significant about that because of the way I was raised.

6. Anything else you want to add? And who do you tag? Right now, I don’t know of any books that have GOOD representation of disabled queer people, especially deaf queers. So if you know of any, please let me know! Also, BookTubers, please caption your videos. I would love to watch more book videos, but I’m a little limited at the moment. For the tag, all the queer BookTubers I know have already been tagged. So, if you haven’t done this, and haven’t been tagged, consider it done.

That’s it for the LGBTQIA+ BookTube Tag. If you want to answer any of these questions in the comments below, go ahead! Recommend any LGBTQIA+ books, LGBTQIA+ authors, and I will try my best to read more this year!

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Queer History Month!


Queer History logo fullHello, I’m Rogan and welcome! October is LGBTQ+ History Month, or Queer History Month, and I will be making as many videos as I can! The videos will be about various things – queer icons that people may or may not know about, historical events that aren’t commonly known, and more! I have already sort of started a Queer History series, so if you want to see some other videos I’ve already made, I’ll link the playlist here. I’ve already discussed the Pride flag and its creator’s history, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the UpStairs Lounge fire, of course – the Stonewall Riots, and the “invention” of heterosexuality. This month, I plan to do more individual figures and broad history videos. If there’s a particular person, or event, or anything related to history of queer people, that you want me to discuss, let me know below! That’s it for today. I just wanted to create a brief introduction and let you know to keep an eye out for more queerstory videos! (That term was not made up by me, sadly. I first saw that from Jackson Bird, I’ll link his Queerstory series here!) I look forward to this journey, and I hope you’ll join me.

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Deaf and Queer (or Bi) | #BiWeek


Bye (bi) week! *chuckling* Okay, that was a really bad joke, let’s move on.

Hello, and welcome to another post. I know, so soon! I filmed this in advance then wrote it after editing and this is not scripted so… I don’t know how long this will be.

Image result for bi flag

So…I’m a bad bi person. I didn’t realize this week was Bi Week until today. From when you’re seeing this, two days ago. Yeah, so. Whoops. Can I just quickly say that I think it’s great that International Week of the Deaf and Bi Week are the same week? No complaints from me! Oh yeah, if you didn’t know I was bi, well. Hi, I’m bi! I’ve never explicitly said this in a video. I have said that I am queer (but not bi). And that’s not because I don’t like that label, no. It’s just… I like queer. It fits me. Bi fits me too.

Let me clear something up first. Bi, generally, equals two. Yes. That is correct. But! In this case, I saw this definition three times in like a week, and I really like this definition. For me, bi means I’m attracted to the same gender…and ALL the other genders. [finger guns]

Okay, I feel like this post will end up with me using finger guns a lot. That’s a bi thing, just so you know. For those of you who are really confused, the joke in the bi community is that you can tell someone’s bi if they use finger guns…a lot. Which I do. My YouTube outro is a variation on finger guns! Anyway, that’s not the point of this video. I just wanted to say this is Bi Week, and hi I’m bi!

I’ve had a lot of people be a little confused about me. They’re like, “Hmm…Are you gay, or are you straight?” Then when they ask me: “Are you straight?” No. “Oh, so you’re gay.” No. There are other things other than straight and gay, you know. People forget that bi people exist. We’re in the LGBTQ+! B! Hello? We’re there for a reason. There’s a lot of videos out there for Bi Week, I’m sure. I just haven’t really looked for them. I should though. But if you go on Twitter and search #BiWeek, there will be plenty of posts. Also, GLAAD is the one who’s promoting this week, so that’s great. I will link the video here that made me think yeah, I should make my own video.

The video is by Jackson Bird, a trans YouTuber. The title of the video is “Why I Don’t Talk About Being Bi.” I thought it was interesting, but his reason is not the reason why I don’t talk about being bi. I’ve never actually talked about this before on my channel/blog. I’ve always said yes, I’m queer, but I’ve never explained more about that. So! Basically.

At this point, it’s a little over three years since I figured out oh, yeah, I’m bi. Once I figured it out, I’m like wooooow. It’s really obvious now, thinking back. Yeah. I wish I could say, “Oh I’ve always known my whole life.” No, I didn’t. I probably knew though, subconsciously. I didn’t really have much exposure to the queer community until college, really. Yes, I lived close to Seattle, a hour away. I have a few friends who live there, from there, whatever. But… I went to a high school at a really small, very white, really Christian high school. So…you can say that the queer community wasn’t really there. I’ve had queer people in my life growing up. My best friend growing up was gay. Well, he didn’t come out until early high school, but that’s not the point. It’s not like I had NO exposure so I never thought about it, no.

I had exposure.

I just…didn’t have those feelings, I guess?

Until college. Even then, it still took me a while. I think part of that is because generally, I don’t feel any romantic attraction to a person until I’ve known them for a while or I feel I have a strong emotional connection (possible demiromantic). That might have contributed to my delay in figuring out that I was bi. Hella bi. If you look at my YouTube channel art now, it’s the bi flag. If you didn’t know that, that’s the bi flag. On a slant, but yeah.YT Channel Art 2017.png

I have experienced biphobia. Well not phobia, not a fear, but certainly erasure. They will say, “Oh, which do you like more?” As if it really matters? Or… “You can’t like more than one gender!I don’t see how you can like only one gender. I’ve had people tell me bi isn’t a real thing. I’ve had people tell me, “Oh you’re really pan, not bi.” Hm, no. I like the term bi. I connect with bi. So I will use bi.

For you little bis out there, you are valid. Bisexuality is a real thing. If you feel you are bi, you are bi. There’s no “bi enough.” No. Forget that.

Jackson said this in his video, and I absolutely agree. I would love to more characters in media – TV shows, movies, whatever – say “I am bi.” And not, “I’m not into labels.” Come on! That’s a cop-out. Following up with that, I would love to see more characters say “I’m ace/I’m aro.” And not, “I’m not really into people.” Again, cop-out. Also, it would be fantastic if the writers decided to go ahead and make Wonder Woman come out as bi on the big screen. And before any of you bros say “The liberal media is ruining it! All of these snowflakes!” Hush! Wonder Woman is bi. It’s in the comics. So, it’s canon. [finger guns]

I don’t really know where I was going with this video. I didn’t really have any list of thoughts or anything. I’m just. Bi week! Woo! Make a video and post! So. Here you go. I hope it kind of made sense? I hope you enjoyed this video, and learned something more about me. If you are bi, or want to support us, go ahead and make your own videos, posts, pictures, whatever. Use the hashtag #BiWeek, and also check out GLAAD’s website for this week.

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